Presented by Master Lawrence J. Greene Sr., VII Dan, USTF/ITF A7-79.

Master Greene is a recently retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Supervisory Special Agent and an original student of Senior Grand Master Chuck C.E. Sereff, original founder of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF). Master Greene was certified as an International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Instructor by the late Grand Master, General Choi-Hong Hi in February of 1994.

Taekwon-Do for “All” targets fitness, improves cardio conditioning and flexibility, relieves stress, builds confidence, enhances self-awareness and teaches you the true art and skill of technical kicking and self-defense but, that just scratches the surface. Master Greene has developed a unique curriculum that addresses “Real World Challenges.”  At Flyers Taekwon-Do (Flyers TKD), students develop life skills geared to help students navigate their journey through life’s realities.  Master Greene, through Taekwon-Do and his unique experiences with the FBI, augments his student’s training with Team Building Challenges, Leadership Roles, Group Collaboration, Respect for Authority and the Value of Humility and Humbleness.

Taekwon-Do for “Women” is the original martial art of technical kicking.  It develops strong legs and gluteal/abdominal muscles.  If you would like to tone these targeted areas while at the same time, simultaneously learning to defend yourself with confidences and greater self-awareness, Taekwon-Do is the discipline of choice.

Taekwon-Do for “Children & Young Adults” develops focus, confidence and discipline.  Specifically, Taekwon-Do, through its technical kicking and jump kicking curriculum, targets key muscle motor skills that are extremely important at early childhood development.  The motor skill development learned/gained through Taekwon-Do provides children with a unique advantage and head start in other athletic activities as they grow older.  Their balance and physical abilities are significantly improved and are much finer tuned when compared to other children in their age group.